Is The Believer's Battle Strategy (BBS) biblical?

The whole premise of The Believer’s Battle Strategy is to learn how to receive God at His Word for that is what brings healing and sets us free. Scripture is referenced all throughout the book because the Word of God is our weapon we fight with. The BBS is meant to compliment, not replace, your study of scripture. Everything learned must be filtered through God’s Word.


How is the BBS different from other books?

The BBS is a call to action. While it’s not a work book, it challenges the reader to personally reflect and apply what they’ve heard and learned before moving forward.  It’s a spiritual bootcamp process with specific Battle Orders and now a new study guide option. There are many great books out there that we can learn from. But if we don’t apply we hear, we will not learn it. If we don’t continue applying what we’ve learned. We will not maintain it.


How much time does it take to read the BBS?

This is not a quick read, but a vital one. Implementing strategy is a process and it takes time. The BBS is meant to be read one chapter at a time with time spent reflecting on and applying each Chapter. The length of time depends on the reader’s commitment level. There are two different curriculum options for the BBS.  The class format takes 8 weeks and the study guide discussion format takes 12 week (or two 6 week parts).


Should the BBS be read topically or chronologically?

It is recommended that you read chronologically because each chapter builds on the other. In order to understand the how to of this strategy, you must first build the what and why foundation. With that said, once you’ve learned the entire strategy, it becomes a manual to keep on hand when you forget specifics. This is when jumping to different chapters is recommended.


Should the BBS be read alone or with a group? 

We are not meant to do life alone. While the Holy Spirit is a constant companion to all Christ Followers, we are still encouraged to walk in community for accountability, insight and encouragement purposes.  There are three ways to walk through the BBS process:

  1. Class Format provides a "bootcamp" setting for teaching, small group discussion and additional resources (i.e. Video Teachings, testimonies, a reflective call to action, etc.). While this option is currently set up to be an 8 week experience, at the leaders discretion, more time can be added. 

  2. Small Group Discussion: A small group is when two or more meet (whether in person, via phone or media platform) for s specific amount of time to encourage and challenge one another. The study guide provides an easy reference to dicuss what yo are learning. This option divides the material into bite-size homework chunks and allows time to process before moving onto the the next key principle. 

  3. Individual read: This can be done at your own pace, however, it is highly recommended to have to share what you are learning in the Chapter's Battles Orders or Study Guide for accountability and encouragement purposes.

When we share, walls come down and we experience a “me too” movement. I believe this is why the group format is so powerful. When walking through in a group, you are challenged to be real and transparent. When you allow others into your story and thoughts, they can often see what you cannot.


Who should read The BBS?

1 John 2:13 is the audience – both the new believer and the veteran believer. Forming Battle strategy is right for any believer who is ready to change and ready to do the work. While you can learn much from reading, change doesn’t come unless there is a willingness and desire too.


Should I get the book if I’ve already taken the classes prior?

Yes. I wrote the book for two purposes. First, so the message can go beyond the church doors. Second, for all who have gone through the class to have a manual to share with others and to refer back to when “orders” are forgotten. Now, with the study guide, you can dive even deeper. 


Why did you write The BBS?

There is so much more to life then what you can see and feel. We were made in the image of God.  Through Christ we have been given all the power we need to live life to the fullest even in the midst of struggle, loss and illness. Through God’s Word, we have been given the answer and ammo to combat wrong thinking and all that steals, kills and destroys.

What is my favorite chapter and why?  

My favorite chapter would have to be the final one – Remember and Remain. What I’ve learned after teaching and writing this message is the believer must remain proactive. Not to receive the saving grace of salvation, but to experience it. Peace, Abundance, power, healing and freedom have already been given to Christ followers. However, we must fight the enemy, the world and our flesh to continually experience them. That is why each chapter challenges you with a new tool to apply not just while you’re reading but to continue fighting long after.

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