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Fight for the Life that Christ Died to Give

Other People

What if a simple shift in perspective and

tweak in strategy could change everything?

Discouragment * Distraction * Complacency
Anxiety * Depression * Oppression
Pride * Addiction * Anger
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What Pastors and Christian Authors are saying...


Christie has written a powerful and practical book to help us defeat the enemy of our souls. She shows us the way to stop living beneath our privilege and to embrace the fight for freedom that is ours in Christ.

– Darrin Patrick, Seacoast Teaching Pastor and Author of Dudes Guide to Marriage

The BBS is a testament to the absolute power of Jesus Christ in the lives of the hurting, overwhelmed, grief stricken and disillusioned. Practical, powerful and potentially life-changing, this study offers an unforgettable journey into life's most discouraging events through the hope, peace and salvation of Jesus. Every Christian should develop their own Believers Battle Strategy and this book will show you how.

- Stephanie Haynes, author of Cultivating Peace

What Professional Counselors are saying...

"The practical strategies outlined in this book will transform your life and unleash the warrior within."

- Cathy Mart, PMHNP, BC, Haven Christian Counseling.

“I attended Battles for my own personal reasons and self-growth a few years ago and it was truly life changing. I am a mental health therapist and incorporate many of the battle strategies into my sessions to facilitate a similar spiritual growth for my clients. I have the privilege of witnessing God moving in powerful ways because of totally submerging myself in this class.”

– Katie Gross, LPCA, Changes Counseling Center

What Class Participants are saying...

Walking through The Believer's Battle Strategy in community added a refreshing newness to my lifelong faith, and showed me how to use God's Word to address my biggest challenges. This is not 'just another Bible study or Christian book'; it is a strategy for living life the way God intended.

- Shauna Rowland

Taking the Battles Class and implementing The Believer's Battle Strategy has changed my life both emotionally and spiritually!  I am better prepared each day to "armor up" and let go of the weights that have been dragging me down.  Thank you for this life changing material!

-  Wanda DeLorge.  


Curriculum Options Available:

8 week bootcamp style class

Consists of the BBS book, week by week leader's guide, 15-20 minute teaching videos, and a fill in the blank teaching outline. 

12 week (or two 6 week parts) discussion group 

Consists of the BBS book , BBS Study Guide, 5 minutes session snippets. This option is 2 part so you can break it into two 6 weeks increments. 

​MULIT Book Discounts for groups available

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I am a Christian seeking Truth in all of life’s battles. I’m tired living halfway and discouraged. And I'm tired of seeing others do the same. I will continue to fight the good fight and spread the Word.

  • A servant of Christ trying to learn how to live in His freedom everyday. 

  • A wife humbly learning how to encourage, serve and love like Jesus.

  • A mother both humbled and blessed by my three little character builders.

  • A ministry leader for the Battles Ministry since 2012.


I remain in awe of how God has and keeps transforming lives through ministry.​ I believe God has called me to take the Battles message beyond my home church doors.

The Believer's Battle Strategy (BBS) is a strategy to equip you to live the life that Christ died to give. Forming strategy is a way of life.  It doesn't happen overnight nor does it happen without focused intent. A slight tweak here and a simple shift there can bring extraordinary results!



What if a simple shift in perspective and

tweak in strategy could change everything?

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Includes Battle Orders for Personal or Group Application

The Believer’s Battle Strategy is your guide to seeing clearly and fighting victoriously.


  • Recognize the enemy and his direct assault

  • Shift your anger back towards the true culprit

  • Learn to live beyond the circumstances of life and actions of others

  • Develop and maintain proper focus and fighting technique


Step out and take back what the thief has stolen.

Begin living the way you were meant to: Free and on Mission.

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